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Presidential campaign gets underway in earnest in Brazil

On 16 August, one day after the deadline to register candidacies with the electoral court (TSE), campaigning in the streets and online began for Brazil’s 7 October general election, described as the country’s most uncertain in recent history.

PT tries ‘Plan A’ in Brazil

Brazil’s left-wing opposition Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) registered its imprisoned leader, former president Lula da Silva (2003-2011), as the party’s presidential candidate just before the deadline closed on 15 August. The move is a calculated challenge to the electoral authorities.

Foreign direct investment down again in 2017

Foreign direct investment (FDI) flowing into Latin America and the Caribbean fell for the third year running in 2017, down by 3.6% to US$161.7bn, according to a report published in early July by the UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Eclac).

Immigration struggle set to continue

US President Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy, which led to the forcible separation of Central American families, was widely criticised both in the US itself and across Latin America. Stung by the criticisms, in June Trump suspended the policy and his administration is now struggling to meet court-imposed deadlines to reunite families. One reading of events therefore, is that the border crisis is over, and will fade away as a major problem in hemispheric relations. Yet a look at the underlying issues suggests the contrary: cross-border migration disputes are likely to continue to feature prominently for the rest of this year and beyond.


This edition of the Regional Report: Brazil and the Southern Cone includes articles on relatively new issues that have emerged in the sub-region. These range from the influence that ‘fake news’ can have on elections to public health issues, such as introducing food warning labels, and to promoting environmental justice. But the common theme running through the report is that the authorities are all currently actively seeking to address these issues by trying to pass new regulations or legislation designed to this effect.

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