Important notes:

When searching for something specific use quote marks around a phrase or name to search for those exact words in that exact order.

When searching for Spanish or Portuguese personal or place names it is necessary to include any appropriate accents. Please see below for a guide to the correct keyboard strokes for inserting accents.

Include only articles dated between


Please select below which publications you would like to include in your search.

Latinnews Daily Briefing (searchable back to 1 Nov 2002)
Latin American Weekly Report (searchable back to 28 Apr 1967)
Informe Latinoamericano (searchable back to 27 Aug 2003)
Latin American Economy & Business (searchable back to 26 Oct 1973)
Latin American Security & Strategic Review (searchable back to 19 Aug 2003)
Latin American Special Reports (searchable back to 1 Mar 1977)
Informes Especiales (searchable back to 1 May 2003)
Election Watch (current copy only searchable)

Latin American Regional Reports

Mexico & Nafta (searchable back to 14 Jan 1993)
For Mexico articles pre-1993 search Caribbean & Central America
Caribbean & Central America (searchable back to 16 Nov 1979)
Andean Group (searchable back to 30 Nov 1979)
Brazil and Southern Cone (searchable back to 9 Nov 1979)

Invert Selection


Keys for inserting Spanish and Portuguese accents

Please use the following ALT+ number combinations (using number keypad) for letters with Spanish and Portuguese accents:

Alt+160 á Alt+227 ã
Alt+130 é Alt+133 à
Alt+161 í Alt+131 â
Alt+164 ñ Alt+135 ç
Alt+162 ó Alt+136 ê
Alt+163 ú Alt+245 õ
Alt+129 ü Alt+147 ô
Alt+168 ¿    
Alt+173 ¡    

Alternatively you may simply copy and paste these characters into the search box.

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