Jon Farmer is Editor-in-chief at LatinNews and editor of our Latin American Weekly Report, the company’s flagship publication. He was previously editor of our regional reports. Just as comfortable sitting in front of a camera as a computer, he has made numerous media appearances on news networks such as the BBC and CNN – e.g. BBC World Service Ecuador’s police uprising in October 2010. Jon has also participated in panel discussions for Canning House on key political developments in Latin America (the Honduran coup d’état in June 2009 produced a particularly lively debate), he provided briefings for British ambassadors at Canning House before their departure for Latin America and breakfast briefings with Latin American ambassadors assuming their posts in London. Jon has worked in Central America, covering elections in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama, and has travelled extensively across the entire region. A prodigious reader on and off topic, Jon’s special interests include governance and democracy; caudillismo and political leadership; and the challenge of national and indigenous identities. Jon has an MA in Latin American Studies from the Institute of Latin American Studies (later re-named Institute for the Study of the Americas), School of Advanced Studies, University of London, where he majored in the International Politics of Latin America and Economics of Latin America. Jon started his career in journalism at the New Statesman. He has written annual country reports for Jane’s Information Group.

Sarah Sheldon is Managing Editor at LatinNews. Sarah joined the team in July 2007 and is the editor of the LatinNews Daily and Caribbean & Central America Report, and co-editor of the Latin American Secruity & Strategic Review. A literature graduate from Leeds University with a Master’s degree from University College London, Sarah spent two and a half years working in Guatemala for the regional analysis weekly InforpressCentroamericana. She also undertook investigations, worked in an editorial capacity for local human rights groups, and compiled the Nicaragua country commercial reports for the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU). Sarah has travelled widely in Central America and Bolivia, her other area of focus. Her interests include political transition and democracy, social change, and human rights.

Lewis Harrison is the Editor of the Latin American Regional Report: Andean Groupco-editor of the Latin American Secruity & Strategic Review, and also covers the Andean region for LatinNews Daily and the Latin American Weekly Report. He holds a BA in French, Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Exeter and an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development from University College London’s Institute of the Americas. Lewis has lived in Colombia and travelled extensively around the Andean region and wider Latin America. Before joining LatinNews, he worked at a consultancy where he provided regional analysis on Latin America and the Middle East. Lewis is particularly interested in environmental conflicts, transitional justice, and populism.

Anna Grace is the Editor of the Latin American Regional Report: Mexico and is responsible for coverage of Mexico in LatinNews Daily, the Latin American Weekly Report, and the Security and Strategic Review. Anna studied French and Spanish at the University of Cambridge, where she specialised in Latin American film, literature and politics. She also holds an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London. Anna has lived in Bolivia, where she worked as part of the editorial team at Bolivian Express magazine and has travelled widely across Latin America. Prior to joining LatinNews, she had written news and analysis on Latin America for InSight Crime and The World Weekly. Anna is particularly interested in migration flows, rights movements, urbanisation and the intersection between political corruption and organised crime.

Ira Lee is the Editor of the Latin American Regional Report: Brazil & Southern Cone and covers the region in the Security and Strategic Review. He is also responsible for coverage of Brazil in LatinNews Daily and in the Latin American Weekly Report. Ira holds a BA in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Cambridge, where he studied Brazilian literature, history and politics, and an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London, where he specialised in broadcast media production. His main areas of interest include human rights, diplomacy, regional cooperation, climate and environmental policy. 

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