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LatinNews Daily - 14 September 2021

On 13 September Alfredo Pacheco, the president of the Dominican Republic’s lower chamber, said that the lower chamber would not “hinder” investigations into sitting national legislators in relation to a drug-trafficking and money-laundering probe.

LatinNews Daily - 13 September 2021

On 12 September Argentina’s centre-right opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) vastly exceeded expectations with victories in all of the country’s major electoral districts in the congressional primaries (Paso), delivering a hammer blow to the centre-left government led by President Alberto Fernández.

LatinNews Daily - 10 September 2021

On 9 September Argentina’s ruling coalition Frente de Todos (FdT) and the opposition Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) coalitions held separate public rallies to wind up their campaigns for the legislative primaries due to be held on Sunday (12 September).

LatinNews Daily - 08 September 2021

On 7 September, the anniversary of Brazil’s Independence Day, thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to express their support for the embattled President Jair Bolsonaro, who himself made an appearance at the two largest rallies in Brasília and São Paulo. 

LatinNews Daily - 03 September 2021

On 2 September Nicaragua’s attorney general’s office announced formal charges against Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, an opposition presidential hopeful, and four others for money laundering and other alleged crimes, and said that she would now face trial.

LatinNews Daily - 02 September 2021

On 1 September Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented a characteristically upbeat annual state-of-the-nation report (Informe) to congress, highlighting his government’s achievements and announcing a constitutional reform of the electricity industry.