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Latin American Economy & Business

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Latin American Economy & Business - September 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Venezuela’s surreal red package
Special Focus
- Bolivia: The rise of the high-rise: construction and real estate trends
Regional Economy Review
- Mexico: US-Mexico deal not the full Nafta
- Mexico: Questions over AMLO’s Maya train project
- Argentina: Another wave of the currency storm
- Economic Highlights
- Region: Eclac trims back growth
- Region: Higher oil prices failing to bolster the region's economies
- Ecuador: Government efforts to drum up private investment
- Region: Higher metals prices having a more positive impact
Regional Business Review
- Region: Tough times for coffee producers
- Uruguay: Renewable energy on the up
- Brazil: Familiar but different
- Cuba: Authorities explore liberalisation of railways

Latin American Economy & Business - August 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Foreign direct investment down again in 2017
Special Focus
- Bolivia: A growing appetite for private consumption
Regional Economy Review
- Mexico: Nafta deal looking more likely
- Colombia: Alberto is the man
- Cuba: Signs of movement?
- Economic Highlights
- Region: The recovery is getting tougher for some
- Mexico: AMLO’s signals
- Brazil: Problems stored up for next government
- Region: Making the case for e-government
- Chile: Growth forecast up, but Moody’s still downgrades
- Guatemala: Out of the car and onto the train
Regional Business Review
- Region: Free trade rules (maybe)
- Region: Agro sector set to grow
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - July 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Getting ready for the trade war
Regional Economy Review
- Region: Alternatives to trickle down
- Mexico: Critical five months start now
- Argentina: Not out of the woods yet
- Cuba: Economic growth deemed “acceptable” in the first half
- Economic Highlights
- Barbados enters selective default
- Ecuador: Deflation begins to weigh on economy
Regional Business Review
- Region: Mobile getting more competitive
- Venezuela: Oil production nosedives
- Brazil: New battle over privatisation
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - June 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Call to think big on trade
Regional Economy Review
- Region: Currencies take a hit
- Venezuela: Economic crash after the elections?
- Brazil: Truckers’ strike erodes confidence
- Argentina: Making love or war with the IMF?
- Economic Highlights
- Mexico: Nafta renegotiation in difficulties again
- Colombia: Economic suggestions for the next president
- Region: Export growth strong but slowing
- Jamaica: More encouraging prospects
- Chile: Pinera unveils economic plans
Regional Business Review
- Mexico: Business calls time over violence
- Bolivia: Will Morales surf the lithium wave?
- Brazil: Vegetarians in the home of beef
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - May 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Is Mercosur asleep on the job?
Regional Economy Review
- Dominican Republic: IMF call to rebuild the buffers
- Brazil: Growth without the feel good factor?
- Cuba: Which way for Díaz-Canel?
- Paraguay: Abdo Benítez offers more of the same
- Nicaragua: Booming economy, protests on the streets
- Economic Highlights
- Mexico: Mercurial AMLO
- Argentina: Warning lights flashing
- Ecuador: Fiscal consolidation efforts underwhelm
- Colombia: Solid report card from the IMF
Regional Business Review
- Peru: Mining picks up pace
- Chile: Mining production set to rise
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - April 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Stronger fiscal policies needed
Regional Economy Review
- Mexico: Positive signs on Nafta?
- Region: The Brookings view
- Region: Putting some numbers on climate change
- Peru: Tuesta to chase investment
- Economic Highlights
- Brazil: Political noise versus the economy
- Venezuela: Currency redenomination looms
- Bahamas: Controversy over tax blacklisting by EU
Regional Business Review
- Region: Record number of oil and gas auctions
- Grenada: Large offshore oil find
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - March 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- When stable growth isn’t enough
Special Focus
- Trade Agreements I: Difficult Nafta outlook
- Trade Agreements II: Chile keeps the TPP in play
Regional Economy Review
- Mexico: Weaker fourth quarter
- Argentina: Things to worry about
- Brazil: Pension reform won’t go away
- Region: After China, here comes ‘Latindia’
- Economic Highlights
- Region: Little progress on corruption
- Colombia: Focus on future policies
- Venezuela: Introducing the crypto-petro fantasy
- Chile: Weak growth, but building in confidence
- Cuba: Currency move: believe it when you see it
- Panama: Remaining solid
Regional Business Review
- Region: Global Business Forum: good news for Latam
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - February 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Time to take the China road?
Regional Economy Review
- El Salvador: Assessing the economic impact of TPS termination
- Argentina: Macri working out the structural reform jigsaw puzzle
- Colombia: Modestly positive outlook for 2018
- Honduras: The economy under Hernández (again)
- Brazil: Relax about now, worry about then
- Mexico: Nafta guessing game continues
- Mexico: Mexican economy bounces back firmly in Q4
- Ecuador: Ecuador returns to international capital markets
- Venezuela: Venezuela announces maxi-devaluation
Special Focus
- Nicaragua: An oasis of stability in a turbulent region
Regional Business Review
- Mexico Mexican wrestling gets ready to compete
- Mexico: Getting ready for carbon trading
- Mexico: Successful deepwater auction
- Uruguay: Unhappy farmers take action
- Peru: Potato troubles
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - January 2018 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Moderate improvement in the pace of regional growth
Regional Economy Review
- Cuba: Economic growth surprises on the upside
- Venezuela: Cash-strapped government pins hopes on crypto-currency
- Peru: Political storm clouds the economic outlook
- Chile: Moderate market-friendly reform under Piñera?
- Region: Can Cartes do the deal with Europe?
- Mexico: Still ticking over
- Mexico: Decisive round for Nafta?
- Region: New ways of cooperation against corruption
- Ecuador: Moreno looks to turn over a new page
Special Focus
- Mexico: AML/CFT evaluation – good, but could do better
Regional Business Review
- Argentina: Low cost air travel revolution on the way?
- Brazil: Boeing bids for Embraer
- Brazil: Good news for the auto industry
- Region: US oil output to hit a record high in 2018 on shale boom
- Region: Corporate Radar

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