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Brazil and Southern Cone

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Brazil & Southern Cone - August 2021

An annual report on violence by a respected public security think-tank in Brazil has found that lethal violence increased in the country in 2020, despite the restrictions on movement resulting from the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which had generally been expected to lead to a drop in most types of crime.

Brazil & Southern Cone - July 2021

The July edition of the Latin American Regional Report: Brazil & Southern Cone begins by analysing the likely privatisation of Eletrobras, Brazil’s state-controlled electricity firm and the largest utilities company in Latin America, after congress approved a bill laying out the terms for the firm’s sale in June.

Brazil & Southern Cone - June 2021

This June edition of the Latin American Regional Report: Brazil & Southern Cone went to press over a month after Chile elected the 155 members of a constituent assembly on 15-16 May, yet the results of this election – a rejection of traditional political parties, particularly on the Right – continue to worry proponents of free-market economics in Chile.

Brazil & Southern Cone - May 2021

Chilean voters went to the polls on 15 and 16 May in an unprecedented ‘mega-election’ during which the 155 members of the constituent convention, which is tasked with re-writing the country’s constitution, were elected (along with regional governors, mayors, and municipal councillors).

Brazil & Southern Cone - April 2021

Arguably, one of Brazil’s most significant achievements of the past decade was the investigation and prosecution of corruption on a large scale amongst the country’s political and business elites through the ‘Lava Jato’ (Car Wash) anti-corruption probe.

Brazil & Southern Cone - March 2021

This March edition of the Latin American Regional Report: Brazil & Southern Cone is published as the sub-region is facing the worst of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic yet, even as vaccination has begun to get underway – albeit very slowly, for most countries.

Brazil & Southern Cone - January 2021

As we enter 2021, the countries of the Brazil & Southern Cone sub-region are, like much of the world, battling with a surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) infections, possibly linked to the emergence of more transmissible variants of the virus.