LatinNews Daily - 12 September 2023

In brief: Argentina’s Massa announces tax breaks

* Sergio Massa, Argentina’s economy minister and presidential candidate for the ruling left-of-centre Unión por la Patria (UP) coalition, has announced measures that will further raise the lower limit at which workers must pay income tax. From 1 October, Massa stated that those earning less than Ar$1.7m (US$5,057) a month will no longer have to pay income tax. He said this measure would mean that around 800,000 taxpayers would stop paying income tax from the start of October and would equate to a 21% improvement in the income of workers. On social media, Massa stated that the measure was “a recognition of the effort of each one of the workers”. He added that, if elected president, his government would “be marked by the recovery of wages and income, in which workers will not pay income tax”. The first round of Argentina’s presidential election will take place on 22 October.

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