LatinNews Daily - 14 August 2023

In brief: Chile’s social development minister resigns amid scandal

* Chile’s President Gabriel Boric has announced the resignation of his minister of social development, Giorgio Jackson. A key ally of the president, Jackson has been embroiled in a corruption scandal known as ‘Caso Convenios’ which relates to possible wrongdoing in the awarding of government contracts and of which Jackson’s Renovación Democrática (RD) party – part of the ruling coalition – has been at the centre. On social media, Boric stated that Jackson’s resignation was “an act of generosity that helps to improve the political climate”. He said that Jackson himself had noted that “the people are tired of fighting” and that it was “time to agree”. Boric stated that he hoped the resignation would help the government to advance some key reforms, such as his tax reform, which has so far been blocked by the opposition.

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