LatinNews Daily - 11 July 2023

In brief: Vista hails success in Argentina’s Vaca Muerte

* The Mexico-headquartered firm Vista Oil & Gas has announced “successful results” in wells AM-1011h and AM-1012h located in the Águila Mora block, in Argentina’s Vaca Muerte shale oil and gas fields in Patagonia. According to Vista, peak production in well AM-101h was 2,107 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d) while the peak production of well AM-1012h boe/d. Vista stated that both wells are “currently restricted by gas evacuation capacity, limiting well productivity”. Additionally, the cumulative production of well AM-1011h for the first 60 days was 79,700 boe, whereas the cumulative production of well AM-1012h was 70,200 boe for the first 60 days, in both cases on a normalised basis (normalised to 47 completion stages). The average oil content of the wells was 71% of total hydrocarbons. Based on the successful results of these wells, Vista has estimated a ready-to-drill well inventory of up to 100 wells at Águila Mora.

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