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LatinNews Daily - 24 March 2021

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In brief: Study shows pandemic impact on Central America poverty levels

* A report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) estimates that 2.8m people in Central America and the Dominican Republic will fall into poverty as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, an increase of six percentage points on current poverty levels. The study found that 677,000 people will fall into poverty in the Dominican Republic; 581,000 in Guatemala; 536,000 in Honduras; 478,000 in El Salvador; 301,000 in Panama and 247,000 in Costa Rica. The report estimates that in Honduras, the poverty rate will rise to 59.3% of the population following the pandemic, up from 53.8% before the pandemic, followed by Guatemala (54.9%, up from 51.4%); El Salvador (35.9%, up from 28.5%); the Dominican Republic (24.2%, up from 17.9%); Panama (23.2%, up from 16.1%); and Costa Rica (19.7% up from 14.8%).