LatinNews Consulting is the research and consultancy division of Latin American Newsletters, publishers of specialist advisory reports on Latin America since 1967.

The association with Latin American Newsletters provides LatinNews Consulting with two important attributes – and enhanced capabilities - that differentiate it from general business-intelligence consultancies:

  • We are pure Latin American specialists with nearly 50 years of experience in the region and a network covering all 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • During its nearly 50 years in the region, Latin American Newsletters has built and nurtured an unrivalled network of in-country correspondents and high-level political, diplomatic, business, NGO, academic, and other sources. This network perfectly complements LatinNews Consulting's own region-wide network of business-intelligence specialists and affiliates.


While no project is ever exactly the same, the LatinNews methodology is broadly similar for each and comprises:

  • Discussions with the client to identify the specific project requirements.
  • Preliminary consultations with our network to establish the resources required for a successful fulfilment of the requirements.
  • Submission of a proposal to the client to be followed by discussions, modifications, and formal approval.
  • The fulfilment process entails four phases:
  • Preliminary background research and expert consultations;
  • The selection and deployment of affiliates best placed to gain on-the-ground, informed views from high-level sources in relation to the Client’s requirements;
  • The assessment, reconciliation, and (where necessary) cross-verification by our in-house business intelligence analysts of the information received from our network, and the consolidation of this intelligence into an actionable Report;
  • Submission of the Report to the client to be followed by face-to-face discussions, follow-up enquiries, and clarifications.

To find out more about our consultancy service, or to discuss your consultancy requirements, please use our online contact form.

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