Deadly prison clash in Bolivia

On 15 September Bolivian authorities confirmed that four people were killed and 11 injured in a clash the previous night at the El Abra prison, in the central Cochabamba department.

Maduro’s ‘big shake-up’ through a political lens

Analysts in Venezuela are beginning to wonder if they had been misdirected into believing that the main content of President Nicolás Maduro’s announced “big shake-up” was to be found in a package of major economic measures — which led to it being judged a damp squib. More than a few are beginning to reinterpret it as fundamentally political, a rearrangement of roles at the top in order to push ahead with policies which, beyond their ideological wrappings, could have very concrete consequences when Venezuela gets into electoral mode in 2015.

Colombia: looking good but no room for error

President Juan Manuel Santos began his second four-year term in office on 7 August. He made some adjustments to his ministerial team, but re-confirmed Mauricio Cárdenas as his finance minister. Many business groups will applaud the decision: Colombia has kept strong market-friendly economic policies in place, and seems set to experience continuing real GDP growth of around 4%-5% per annum, coupled with low inflation (a combination that currently seems beyond the grasp of regional giants Brazil and Mexico). But looking at the economy from the perspective of the challenges posed by a possible future peace settlement shows that there is little room for complacency.

With elections looming, Rio faces two public security challenges

The government of Rio de Janeiro state is struggling to regain momentum in two sensitive public security areas: the planned spread of the favela ‘pacification’ strategy, put on hold earlier in the year as the required personnel had to be diverted to contain a series of attacks on established police pacification units (UPPs), and the public perception that police violence remains unchecked.

Medina continues to impress

Half way through his four year term, the Dominican Republic (DR)’s President Danilo Medina continues to enjoy record approval ratings. The public’s perception of Medina is so positive that there already is talk among his supporters of promoting a constitutional reform to allow him to stand for re-election in 2016 in order to ensure an unprecedented fifth consecutive term for the ruling Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD). The re-election rumours may be nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of his supporters, but the first time president has certainly found a government style that is proving to be an example worth emulating by his prospective successors.

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