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Latin American Security & Strategic Review

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Security & Strategic Review - March 2017 (ISSN 1741-4202)

- Controversial penal code reforms approved despite strong opposition
Central America & Caribbean
- Costa Rica: Strengthening cooperation with neighbours
- Jamaica: A new strategy on crime
Special Focus
- Region: New trends in the drugs business
Andean Countries
- Bolivia: New coca law in Bolivia
- Peru: Moving to legalise medicinal marijuana
Southern Cone
- Brazil: Brazil’s invisible women
- Chile: Fresh Mapuche unrest in Araucanía
- Chile: Military glass ceiling shattered
- Argentina: Drug-related political links exposed
Mexico & Nafta
- Mexico: Border wall details begin to emerge
- Mexico: Questions over security cooperation with the US
- Mexico: More mass graves

Security & Strategic Review - February 2017 (ISSN 1741-4202)

- Criminals seize control of Espírito Santo during police strike
Southern Cone
- Argentina: Tightening air surveillance in the north
Special Focus
- Region: Crime and prisons I: the policy dilemma
- Region: Crime and prisons II: economic costs
Andean Countries
- Colombia: ELN talks finally get going
- Venezuela: Turning the screws on Caracas
- Bolivia: Unprecedented agreement with the Unodc
Mexico & Nafta
- Mexico: The complex migration story
- Mexico: Internal security law put on hold
Central America & Caribbean
- Guatemala: Cicig denounces smear campaign
- Cuba: The uncertain fate of the stranded Cuban migrants
- Haiti: Minustah military personnel “likely to disappear”
- Trinidad & Tobago: No meeting of minds on anti-terror bill

Security & Strategic Review - January 2017 (ISSN 1741-4202)

- Anarchy and bloodshed in Brazil’s prisons
Southern Cone
- Chile: Bomb attack on Codelco president produces alarm
Special Focus
- Region: Looking for new thinking on murder
Andean Countries
- Colombia: Santos buoyed by peace prospects
- Venezuela: As violence surges, Maduro rolls out umpteenth security plan
Mexico & Nafta
- Mexico: Interpreting El Chapo’s extradition
- Mexico: Internal security law: trouble brewing
- Mexico: Trouble at the resorts
Central America & Caribbean
- Costa Rica: 2016: most violent year on record
- Nicaragua: Ortega trumpets more security progress
- Journalists are still being killed in Honduras
- Jamaica murder surge continues into 2017

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