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Mexico and US make first attempt to work out their differences

On 23 February, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto said that his government and that led by US President Donald Trump have the will to advance their relations through dialogue and “mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty”.

Moreno to face Lasso in Ecuador run-off

Lenín Moreno came very close to ensuring that the Citizens’ Revolution crafted by President Rafael Correa survives beyond a decade in Ecuador. Moreno needed to win 40% of the vote in presidential elections on 19 February, with a 10-percentage-point lead over his closest rival, but he fell agonisingly short. By failing to capitalise on the fragmentation of the opposition, which presented seven separate presidential candidates, Moreno will have to contest a second round on 2 April. Not all of the opposition will coalesce around Guillermo Lasso, who finished in second place for the centre-right Movimiento Creo, but he should win enough additional support to make the run-off a tight affair.

Clouds over Nafta

The North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), in place for almost a quarter of a century, is going to be renegotiated, or abandoned. That much seems clear from Donald Trump’s first weeks as US president, which he has used to achieve a radical deterioration in bilateral relations with Mexico by committing his administration to building a border wall, deporting undocumented Mexican workers, and renegotiating trading arrangements.

Criminals seize control of Espírito Santo during police strike

For little over a week, criminals ransacked the southern state of Espírito Santo after military police went on strike. From 4-12 February reports of arson, assaults, car-jackings, lootings and murders soared. Amid the chaos, public transport ground to a halt and businesses and schools closed.

Temer’s growing power, the new threat to Brazil’s democracy?

Brazil’s President Michel Temer has consolidated his power recently after he regained control of congress and placed a political ally in the supreme court (STF). But by tinkering with Brazil’s legislative and judicial branches, has Temer behaved undemocratically and overstepped the limits of his power?

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